Hi again: Payton and Zayn

Payton wasn’t exactly sitting well with any of this.First she woke up in a hospital chair,let alone in the waiting room.Then Kaitlyn told her he only remembered his sisters.She wasn’t expecting him to remember her,and maybe that’s why it hurt a little bit.Only because she didn’t know how he felt before it all happened.She was glad he wasn’t sad anymore,but at what cost? She didn’t even know if he remembered being that way. Shaking the thoughts,she realized she had been standing infront of his door for a good 5 minutes.She needed to do this.Without anymore distractions,she turned the handle and let herself in.

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    Payton pulled her hand back,setting the book back on the table.”Well,I get more irritable with people when they talk to...
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    He shook his head as he looked over at her. “Nah, I changed my mind.” he said with a sigh. “How? I mean how have you...